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Ambien For Sale, Why a Band and not a DJ.

DJ's just play songs and there is no real entertainment to keep the guests that are dancing and the ones that are watching entertained. New Hollywood interacts with the guests and makes them feel like they are part of the show, after Ambien. Ambien natural, Your guests are motivated by the contact with the band and are encouraged to make requests. Your guests feel appreciated and respond with excitement as each song is performed, buy Ambien without prescription. Ambien interactions, The lead singer Damian is famous for mingling on the dance floor with your guests and he has been known to motivate the crowd to sing along. On many occasions he has offered his microphone to a guest, Ambien For Sale. There is no better feeling than hearing your great uncle, what is Ambien, Ambien without a prescription, mother or boss singing during a song and exciting the room. New Hollywood adds a real personal touch to your wedding, Ambien from mexico, Where can i order Ambien without prescription, corporate function or party. Their interaction is legendary, herbal Ambien. Ordering Ambien online, Their performances are exciting. Ambien For Sale, When the band always looks like they are having the time of their lives, this energy transfers to the guests and they have the time of their lives. Don't forget DJ services are included with the band's performances and you get non-stop music beginning to end.

Is the band experienced?

Yes, comprar en línea Ambien, comprar Ambien baratos, Ambien pictures, New Hollywood has worked continuously since 1985 and has done well over 3000 shows. They have performed at weddings, Ambien duration, Where can i find Ambien online, corporate parties, dances, Ambien samples, Purchase Ambien for sale, nightclubs, conventions, buy no prescription Ambien online, Ambien over the counter, fundraisers, festivals and private parties, Ambien steet value. Ambien pics, Their experience means that you will enjoy an evening of great entertainment. They will interact with your group to achieve maximum FUN!

How do I find out if you're available for our date, Ambien cost.

Call 416-409-2140 and speak to us directly.

Will the band be too loud, Ambien For Sale. Online buying Ambien hcl,

No. A band can drive guests away with excessive volume. Sound is high fidelity at any volume. The wrong volume can ruin an event, Ambien canada, mexico, india. Ambien schedule, Music should never overwhelm a guest; volume should be just right for the dance floor, but also right for people conversing away from the dance floor. We encourage to let us know if the sound is not perfect.

Can New Hollywood keep everyone happy, buy Ambien online no prescription. Low dose Ambien,

Yes. Ambien For Sale, they strive to please everyone from the youngest kid to the eldest grandparent. The band specializes in performing hits, cheap Ambien no rx, Where can i buy cheapest Ambien online, songs that everyone knows. They have a mix of party favorites, Ambien maximum dosage, My Ambien experience, latest hits, classic dance and classic ballads.

Will the songs sound like the originals, Ambien results. Online buying Ambien,

Yes. Your favorite songs will sound just the way you remember them.

This is not a jam session.

They are called “Hits” for a reason.

When do you set up, order Ambien from United States pharmacy.

They always arrive early before your event begins to get all our equipment loaded in, set up, thoroughly tested and ready to go before the arrival of your first guests.

Can you make announcements for us during your performance?

Yes, no problem

How long does the band perform, Ambien For Sale. Purchase Ambien online, How long are the sets?

Our standard pricing is based on the band playing over a time span of up to four hours in length. The most requested time period is 9 pm to 1 am, cheap Ambien, although it can be any four hours you choose, such as 8 to 12, 7:30 to 11:30 ect… The timing and length of the sets are flexible depending on the flow of the evening and the needs of each event, but usually the band performs 2 sets with 1 break or 3 sets with 2 breaks, unless otherwise requested.

What happens when the band is on break?

The band includes DJ services, we carry latest and greatest hits that start the minute we stop. You get the very best of both what a DJ and live band can bring to your event.

Do we need to feed the band.

Most times the band will need to eat because they are set-up before dinner. Ambien For Sale, But the price of 6 or 7 more plates can be quite expensive. Feeding the band is appreciated but not mandatory. Most of our quotes are all inclusive and the band’s meals are worked into the price.

How far will you travel.

The band will travel anywhere; our main area is the Greater Toronto Area and 2 hours in any direction. Price will include distance.

Can we see you perform at a wedding or special event?

Unfortunately, no. It is band policy not to ask clients if they can bring other prospective clients to their events, Ambien For Sale. They do play public events that you can attend. You will not be disappointed!

What are the band's power requirements.

Ideally they like to use 2 or 3 outlets on separate circuits.

Does the band perform outdoors?


Can we use your P.A. system for speeches and presentations.


Can we use our own DJ in addition to the services you offer?

Ambien For Sale, Yes, and they are welcome to patch into our P.A. system.

Can we provide our own music during breaks.

Yes, you may supply CD or bring you own ipod to hook into P.A. system.

Can we make requests from your songlists.


What equipment do you provide.

New Hollywood brings a full sound system and lighting to all their events (the only exception is venues that require the band to use the in house sound system, lighting and technicians), Ambien For Sale. The equipment is first rate and designed to give you high fidelity at a comfortable volume. They also provide stage lights to illuminate the band. They always have a full DJ set-up to play background and dance music whenever the band is not performing. They also provide you with access to our CD player should there be any special music that you wish to play during your event.

How many musicians are in the band?

New Hollywood is comprised of 6 members. Ambien For Sale, Damian and Dave are the founders of the band and brothers. Damian is the all round entertainer. His job description would probably read: lead singer, MC, joke man, group activity instructor. Brother Dave plays keyboards and shares lead vocal duties. His vocal range is incredible. Laura Johansen is the female, she enhances the sound of the band by performing the songs that call for female vocals. Todd plays drums and sings; he has been with the band for 15 years and came to the band with 15 years experience. Manny & Brian round out the band as Bass player and Guitar player respectively.  Both have 25 years of performance experience. New Hollywood perform many of the events as a six piece band but can add a horn section if requested.


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